Dream Land: Crimean Tatar translation:


“Every language reflects a unique world-view with its own value systems, philosophy and particular cultural features. The extinction of a language results in the irrecoverable loss of unique cultural knowledge embodied in it for centuries, including historical, spiritual and ecological knowledge that may be essential for the survival of not only its speakers, but also countless others.” UNESCO

In 2013 Dream Land was translated and published in Crimean Tatar. Crimean Tatar is recognised by UNESCO as a severely endangered language, spoken only by an estimated five percent of Crimean Tatar children.   

  Dream Land is the only existing novel about the Crimean Tatar people’s return to their homeland. This translation should stimulate a vital revival of interest among young Crimean Tatars in their mother tongue.”    Ayshe Memetova, Senior Researcher, Crimean Tatar Museum of Art, Simferopol

Translator Leila Seitkhalilova writes about some of the challenges of reviving the Crimean Tatar language here