Riding Icarus:


‘… a heartwarming magical-realist tale with a tough urban edge, set in contemporary Ukraine. It shares…a sense of intense pleasure in nature and a commitment to the world’s tendency to right itself for brave and imaginative children.’
The Observer

Masha lives in Icarus the abandoned trolleybus, until one stormy night when he takes off, transporting her to an enchanted place where Cossacks dance and tigers roar. It’s nearly midsummer’s eve, when she can make a wish for her heart’s desire. But will Masha make the right wish so she and her mother can escape Uncle Igor’s clutches and live happily ever after?

‘… Magic, mystery, dreams and danger stalk the pages of this surreal, contemporary fantasy. Determined to find her mother, Masha captivates readers with her indomitable spirit, while the pages come alive with images of Ukrainian life.’

For readers of 9+


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